Silver Mercury

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per kg
Min Order: 50 kg
Supply ability: 600kg per month
Pure silver mercury 99.99% purity. We are suppliers of pure silver mercury from Ukraine. We have silver mercury for sale

Silver Mercury For Sale

Pure silver mercury for sale with 99.99% purity.

We are suppliers of pure silver mercury from Mexico and however have partners from Ukraine.

We’re a premium wholesaler & retailer of pure silver mercury online.

Hence, making us the best silver mercury supplier.

Our silver mercury is highly demanded by industries and individuals worldwide.

It is high grade & perfectly composed pure silver liquid mercury.

However, we guarantee you to give the best pure quality of this silver treasure and once you see our product, we are sure you will agree with us.

Moreover, we are the number 1 supplier of silver mercury in Europe. Buy silver mercury from the best.

Product Name: 99.99% Silver Liquid Mercury.

Synonyms: Quick silver, Hydrargyrum, Hydrargyri3.

Cas Number: 7439-97-64.EINECS:231-106-75.MF: Hg6.

Appearance: silver liquid

Silver Mercury for Sale | USES

Agricultural poisons, anti-fouling paint, dental amalgams, mining, electronics, and chemical synthesis.

Thus, thermometers, barometers, dry cell batteries, chlorine, and caustic soda production,

Hence, electrical apparatus, and as a neutron absorber in nuclear power plants.



High Purity Mercury 99.99995%

Purity: 99.99%

Ignited residue volume: 0.001%

Impurity: Fe=0.00004%, Other heavy metals (Pb): 0.00004%

Although, quality is based on national standard GB-913-85

Hence, We at Pure Red Mercury supply high-Quality Mercury with 99.99% purity and efficiency.

However you can Contact us if you need any information concerning this product.

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  1. Pierre Auberrich

    Prompt Delivery but limited stock.Please we will be need more soon

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